Ergonomics in the Hair and Beauty salon sector

Ergonomics (or Human Factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with understanding interactions between humans and their environment, and applied theory, principles, data and methods of design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance.  

Three domains of Ergonomics:

Physical ergonomic is the first domain concerned with physical activity. This domain studies the human body’s responses to physical workload and injuries from repetition, vibration, force and posture.  

Cognitive ergonomic is the second domain concerned with mental processes. It goes into detail about mental workload, decision-making, human error and training.  

Organizational ergonomics is the third domain concerned with sociotechnical system design.  Some of the factors to be considered are: organizational structures, processes, scheduling, shift work, job satisfaction, motivation, supervision and teamwork.  

Hairdressers and beauticians have to consider physical, cognitive and organizational ergonomics when they are working. Designing good ergonomics enhances career longevity because it reduces physical and psychological loads.


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Ergonomics in hairdressing field

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Ergonomics in Beautycare industry

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